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A choice based on ethical and cultural values

Cremation is an age-old ritual used by people of different cultures. In all civilisations and times, it has always honoured and respected the dignity of the deceased person.

Today, alongside the possibility to inter the ashes in the cemetery, the urn can be conserved by the family or the ashes can be dispersed according to local legislation.

These choices can be made during life by subscribing to the le Socrem (Cremation Societies) or declared by the authorised person

Cremation of the corpse

After the traditional funeral rites, the coffin is taken to the crematorium where there is a waiting room for relatives and guests. A parting ceremony can also be held in the crematorium, as the last goodbye.

Every cremation is an individual event, with the sealed wooden coffin entering the machinery in the exact same conditions in which it arrived at the crematorium.

The process is automated and monitored, and concludes with the pulverisation of the ashes as prescribed by the legislation in force.

The ashes are collected in a special bag or zinc container, which is then put in the urn. The urn may be handed over the same day or at a later date, at a time agreed with our agency or with the authorised person. We then look after the remaining part of the procedure (interment, dispersion or entrustment), arranging the specific detailsin agreement with the authorised person.

The rest of the process is made by our agency, which will care about all the details in agreement with the authorized person.