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Like in other countries, Bagliano Funeral Agency offers a qualified new service of funeral insurance and planning which is worth discovering.

PROGRAMMA DOMANI ("The Tomorrow Program") is an innovative service conceived by FENIOF SERVICE s.r.l. (a service company belonging to "Federazione Nazionale Imprese Onoranze Funebri").
It's the modern answer to users' real needs.


The possibility to choose everything you want for your own funeral, with the advance purchase of all the necessary items and services. It's a special contract to make sure your funeral ceremony will be just as you want it.

When the client dies, FE.N.I.O.F. (via Bagliano Funeral Agency) ensures that every pre-planned detail is respected. This also means that relatives are relieved of their practical and financial duties.

To subscribe to PROGRAMMA DOMANI:

  1. Go to Bagliano Funeral Agency, enrolled on the FENIOF SERVICE s.r.l. register of trust companies and a signatory of the Category Code of Conduct.
  2. Define all the required services in the necessary detail, and agree the final cost.
  3. Sign the PROGRAMMA DOMANI subscription request, in which all the services and items will be fully listed and described.
  4. An insurance policy will be drawn up on the basis of the agreement, and you will be relieved of all other duties.