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Inhumating is burying the body into the ground; every town has its regulation.

In Alessandria cemetery it is possible to choose between common field (ten years) and thirty years site.

The common field is a turnover field where the body can stay for ten years (or a little more). After this period the family must care about the bones, in order to avoid the collecting in the common ossuary.

By contacting our office, we will complete the burocratic steps for the exhumation and the placing of the urn in an ossuary box, in a niche or in a thirty years site owned by the family.

The thirty years site is a place identified by the municipality. If available at the time of the decease, the family stipulates with the municipality a renewable thirty year grant.

We will help the family step by step in the burocratic practices.


The burial is made in a niche or in a family chapel.

The duration of the grant varies according to the municipalities regulations.

In Alessandria and the countyu the duration is of fifty years.

Into a niche it is possible to altrnatively put the coffin, or the urn.

The family chapel has a 99 years municipal grant. Inside the niches it is possible to put all the owner's ascendants and descendants.

Ordinary and extraordinary exhumations

Exhumation, i.e. reduction of the body in bone remains, is done:

  • for the bodies lying in the common field after the 30 years period;
  • for the bodies lying in the 30 years sites after 20 years, so even before the expire date of the municipal grant;
  • for the bodies lying in the niches or in the family chapels, 30 years after the decease date.

The remains can be placed in ossuary cells in a niche or in a 30 years site, even together with an entire body, paying the municipal fee.

We help our customers in all the brocratic steps for the exhumation request. We will present the request subscribed by you and on the exhumation day we will be present at the cemetery with the zincous box.

Body, remains and ashes translation

The translation is the moving of a full body from a niche to another into the same cemetery or from a municipality to another.

To translate a body there are no particular expire periods; it is possible to do it even a few days after the burial. For long time buried bodies, in case of hygienic problems, it is necessary to cover the wood coffin with an appropriate big zincous box.

Our agency will care about the burocratic and practical aspects, with competent personnel.

Niches purchase

The niches and the ossuary cells in the cemeteries are given in grant by the municipalities.

In Alessandria and the county it is possible to purchase a niche or an ossuary cell when alive.

For further informations you can contact us and our personnel will satisfy your requests.

Succession practices

The succession declaration is a heirs'fiscal duty to inform the Fiscal Agency about amount and composition of the heritage for the calculation of the taxes.

Our agency offers assistance and advice to present the documentation as per legislation in force.

Finishings and accessories for tombstones

Bagliano Funeral Agency also implements tombstones and relative accessories.

We provide a wide choice in our office, and our personnel will advise you for the implementation according to the family requirements.

Souvenirs and thanksgivings

With a scrupolous design, personalization and editing, we implement mourning souvenirs, a way to always have the deceased person near us.

We also make thanksgiving notes for the received condolences after the mourning.

Necrologies print and bill posting

Bagliano Funeral Agency prints and posts necrologies anywhere the family wants.

We make thanksgiving, participation and anniversary manifests which will be printed on the frame that the family will choose in our offices.

Our offices assist you for the text writing and the explanation of the different places to post.

Necrologies on newspapers and web

This type of necrology is used to give fast communication on the decease, giving the opportunity to participate to the funeral ceremony, or simply be aware of the decease.

Bagliano Funeral Agency, in agreement with the family, handles the publication on newspapers and web. We publish the necrologies in the relative section of our website.

Participations, thanksgivings and anniversaries are also published.

Our personnel will provide all the necessary informations.


Floral compositions are made by professional florists and nurserymen. We make different composition types according to the customer's requirements.


  • Coffin-cover
  • Crowns
  • Cushions
  • Bowls
  • Bouquets

Our office will provide all the necessary informations.

Bagliano Funeral Agency looks after every detail, offering a funeral service directly handled by personnel with the appropriate professional, humanistic and psychological training.

Bagliano Funeral Agency can rely on well-proven organisational skills, guaranteeing that the funeral will coincide with your own specific needs. Our services are precise, painstakingly organised, and unobtrusive, taking into account both the bureaucratic or administrative elements and the organisational parts.

Our staff fulfils the requests of burial, interment or cremation of the deceased person, fully respecting the legislation in force.

Our services include the handling and transport of the coffin, with funeral cars and uniformed personnel, and many other duties such as a shuttle service for relatives, a chapel of rest, and the cleaning and dressing of the corpse.

The funeral may take different forms: a simple, discreet ceremony with a solemn air, or arranged to include specific requests made by the person when alive.

From the moment of your first contact with us, you're no longer alone: step by step, we'll help you put together the service you want.

Our profession aims to be a service for families, when death separates them from someone they love. During this painful experience, the relatives appreciate our solidarity, professionally expressed with upright, respectful behaviour and the provision of all the necessary information about the legislative restraints and bureaucratic tasks that characterise this moment.

When certain decisions have to be made, knowledge is indispensable: it's important to understand whether the family has a definite idea about the body's final destination, and whether the deceased person, when alive, expressed any particular preferences. It's then our duty to inform the family about the possible choices, in the clearest way possible.

It's possible to choose burial, interment or cremation.